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In the true tradition of the classic amps of the 70s and 80s, Shreddage mimics the warmth and grit of a 70s or 80s "hot rod" valve amp, which makes it perfect for heavy rock, metal, alternative, funk, and all other types of rock music. With its power and attack, Shreddage is perfect for any and all metal style of rock! Four Layer Configurations Kontakt Player makes it easy to enjoy Shreddage with your other Kontakt instruments. However, if you prefer to get down to the nuts and bolts of your sound and use it with a host of other instruments and effects, Kontakt Player can also be used to simulate a four-layer configuration. Each of the four layers is handled by a different knob on the back panel of the instrument. Play and Pitch Controls Shreddage has a standard playing position that is comfortable and easy to use. The Octave and Pitch wheels provide a range of tuning options for most guitar players. Note: The Octave knob defaults to C0, making the instrument playable right out of the box. The Pitch wheel is set to the note F0 (C1). P-Touch Pedalboard P-Touch provides the ultimate in flexibility and features, allowing users to adjust the instrument’s drive and decay controls to create different amp sounds. Effects such as chorus, flange, overdrive, and drive will be activated or deactivated as users choose. Sample Library Shreddage is designed to have a user-friendly sample library, which gives users full control over the mapping for an incredible level of flexibility. In addition, all of the presets, effects and solo and pitch modulation controls are pre-programmed. Realistic Vox and Overdrive Shreddage has a vintage-sounding bass tube amplifier modeled after some of the most popular “hot rod” valve guitar amps from the 70s and 80s. The vox driver provides the foundation for Shreddage and is modeled after a modified Marshall Super Lead combo. This natural sounding amp delivers a unique, vintage tone that is great for all rock music. Amplifier Simulation The amp simulation that Shreddage provides is robust, and gives users the ability to create an exact replica of a true valve amp sound. Using a dynamic envelope system, real delay and reverb effects, and a variety of amps models ranging from




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SHREDDAGE X-torrent.torrent alfoaza
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