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Barn Dance Extravaganza

What a happy time was had at the barn dance. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces, sometimes crying with laughter! I am not sure what the German visitors from Schnei thought of it all at first, but they soon got up on their feet and joined in heartily. Even the 2 teenagers who told me that there was no way they were going to dance! There was more hilarity when trying to translate ‘strip the willow’! But in the end no translation was needed, just a bit of pushing and pulling!! And if it wasn’t all correct, well who cares.

Two of the German visitors, Manfred and Otto were deep in conversation at one point and Manfred, told me that next year when Findon go out to visit Schnei, they will ‘do’ a barn dance! This I have to see!!

Thanks go to all who helped, especially Christine who was in charge of the food, (and woe betide you if you put it in the wrong place on the table or didn’t lay it out correctly on the plate!)

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