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Christmas Party - Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who help to organised the Christmas Party

at All Saints, and everyone who donated gifts for Family Support Work. The following is the letter they sent to us.

Dear Friends

On behalf of the families which we serve, I would like to thank you for the wonderful contribution of Christmas gifts and toys for families supported by FSW.

The Association is really appreciative of your recent donation of toys and gifts for the families we work with in the local community. The pressure on families is especially high at Christmas time, both financially and emotionally; many families we work with may also have experienced separation or bereavement and feel terribly isolated during the festive period.

By giving gifts, if can ease some of the pressure not inly at Christmas but also during the year with birthdays and special occasions. We would not be able to help so many families without the support from local schools and churches and ask that you pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved.

yours sincerely

Martin Auton Lloyd


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